Why choose Fiveways for cosmetic dental surgery?

The Liverpool dental practice you can trust Most Liverpool dentists offer cosmetic dental surgery, so when you need work done, how can you be expected to confidently choose one dental practice over another? Well we like to think that our longevity, as well as our commitment to offer the best treatment options using state-of-the-art equipment … Continue reading Why choose Fiveways for cosmetic dental surgery?

Sinus lift procedure

Everything you need to know about a Sinus Lift A sinus lift procedure is a surgical procedure that, where necessary, is carried out before installing dental implants. Not everyone needs a sinus lift for a dental implant. If dental implants are installed soon after a tooth is lost, a sinus lift procedure may be unnecessary … Continue reading Sinus lift procedure

Do you have healthy gums?

How to look after your oral health and maintain healthy teeth and gums Do you have healthy teeth? How about healthy gums? Do you even know the signs of unhealthy versus healthy gums? It might sound like a daft question but many people suffer from symptoms of gum disease at some time in their life … Continue reading Do you have healthy gums?