What causes cavities?

A question asked by many patients As one of the longest established local dentists in Liverpool we are asked a lot of questions about dental health. Extremely often these questions centre around cavities. Baffled patients that look after their teeth want to know ‘What causes cavities? What did I miss?’. When a child needs a … Continue reading What causes cavities?

The best kids dentist near me

Your children’s teeth matter ‘Best kids dentist near me‘ is a fairly popular thing for parents to search following the Easter holidays, when their children have spent a couple of weeks off school with a mountain of milk chocolate eggs. It’s understandable. After 40+ years as a Liverpool dental practice we have learned to expect … Continue reading The best kids dentist near me

Fiveways Dental incognito braces in Liverpool

#1 for orthodontics in Liverpool One of the top orthodontic treatments carried out at Fiveways Dental is the supply of Incognito braces in Liverpool. Completely discreet, this method of straightening the smile sits behind the teeth, so braces like these are completely invisible. As a result, the only person who knows you have Incognito braces … Continue reading Fiveways Dental incognito braces in Liverpool