Professional teeth whitening

Why visit your dentist for teeth whitening in Liverpool? What is the best teeth whitening method? This is a question that we get asked regularly. Every discount store on the high street will sell you a product for under a fiver that is labelled as a teeth whitener so, in that marketplace, why do people … Continue reading Professional teeth whitening

Who is getting Invisalign in Liverpool?

For self confidence, for dental health, for everyone In recent years, the area of treatment known as invisible orthodontics has been a revelation in dentistry for many people. As a result of these ground breaking treatments, people who may not have ever considered using braces are now taking steps to straighten their smile. A straighter … Continue reading Who is getting Invisalign in Liverpool?

Why we use PRGF Endoret in Liverpool

For missing teeth treatments and general healing Plasma Rich in Growth Factors, or PRGF Endoret in Liverpool. Liverpool patients are now widely benefiting from this cutting edge technology that promotes healing and regeneration. What is PRGF Endoret’s Liverpool application? PRGF Endoret was developed by the Biotechnology Institute (BTI) in Spain. BTI is a world leader … Continue reading Why we use PRGF Endoret in Liverpool

Getting porcelain veneers in Liverpool

Choose Fiveways for cosmetic dentistry in Liverpool Just like false nails for your hands, veneers for your teeth can be a relatively easy, non-invasive way to transform your look. If you have one stained tooth we can add one porcelain veneer on top of it. If you are unhappy with the overall look of your … Continue reading Getting porcelain veneers in Liverpool

Choose Fiveways for your smile makeover in Liverpool

Smile makeover cost, process and results If you’re considering smile makeovers in Liverpool, we would love to be your smile makeover dentist. Whether you are a regular patient of ours or not doesn’t matter, you can put your trust in one of the longest established dental practices in the city. Smile makeovers from Liverpool’s most … Continue reading Choose Fiveways for your smile makeover in Liverpool

What is Denplan?

Details of our affordable monthly payment solution Fiveways Dental is pleased to be able to offer Denplan, the UK’s leading dental payment plan. With Denplan, split dentist charges over the year to make them more easily affordable. Perhaps you have heard of the service and found yourself wondering ‘what is Denplan?’ Quite simply, it is … Continue reading What is Denplan?

Dental care during pregnancy

A crucial time to look after your oral health When checking off the list of things you need to know and need to do while pregnant, dental care during pregnancy isn’t high on the list of considerations for most people. However a visit to the dentist, for pregnant women, is not only more important than … Continue reading Dental care during pregnancy

What causes cavities?

A question asked by many patients As one of the longest established local dentists in Liverpool we are asked a lot of questions about dental health. Extremely often these questions centre around cavities. Baffled patients that look after their teeth want to know ‘What causes cavities? What did I miss?’. When a child needs a … Continue reading What causes cavities?

The best kids dentist near me

Your children’s teeth matter ‘Best kids dentist near me‘ is a fairly popular thing for parents to search following the Easter holidays, when their children have spent a couple of weeks off school with a mountain of milk chocolate eggs. It’s understandable. After 40+ years as a Liverpool dental practice we have learned to expect … Continue reading The best kids dentist near me

Fiveways Dental incognito braces in Liverpool

#1 for orthodontics in Liverpool One of the top orthodontic treatments carried out at Fiveways Dental is the supply of Incognito braces in Liverpool. Completely discreet, this method of straightening the smile sits behind the teeth, so braces like these are completely invisible. As a result, the only person who knows you have Incognito braces … Continue reading Fiveways Dental incognito braces in Liverpool