What Pregnancy Dental Care Might You Need?

Pregnancy is a time of many bodily changes, which is why effective pregnancy dental care is so important. With the wide variety of hormonal changes happening throughout your body, you need to consider the effects they can have on your teeth and mouth to make sure you’re looking after them as well as possible. Booking … Continue reading What Pregnancy Dental Care Might You Need?

Dental treatment during pregnancy

Are you considering prenatal teeth whitening? Did you know that pregnant women in the UK are entitled to free NHS dental treatment? NHS treatment generally covers any work that you need to have done for health reasons, rather than simply cosmetic ones. Some treatments such as teeth whitening or veneers, popular in Liverpool, may not … Continue reading Dental treatment during pregnancy

Dental care during pregnancy

A crucial time to look after your oral health When checking off the list of things you need to know and need to do while pregnant, dental care during pregnancy isn’t high on the list of considerations for most people. However a visit to the dentist, for pregnant women, is not only more important than … Continue reading Dental care during pregnancy